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The Birth of baby Levi

My story behind the Birth of baby Levi.

I have always been open minded about childbirth. I never had much of a birth plan with both my children other then to go with the flow. With my first son, Corey, I was very blessed to have an easy going labour with my first 6 hours of contractions at home, to get to hospital just in time for my water to break, and to be holding a beautiful baby boy in my arms an hour later.

Fast forward 7 years down the track, I never imagined I would be giving birth to my second son on the same day.

On the 25th of February 2014, I had finished setting up the presents for Corey to open in the morning for his 7th birthday. I couldn’t sleep so I sat up in bed reading for hours. At 12.45am, I decided it was time to get some rest. Well, that was over quicker then I anticipated! At 1.00am on the dot I had my first contraction, I woke my partner Daniel up to inform him that he wasn’t going to work, today is the DAY!

He shot up and said “Ok. What do you want me to do?! I am ready. Let’s go” I said “Calm down. Hide the presents. I am going to have a shower” I was not in any rush at this stage as my contractions were all over the place. I had a warm shower, breathing deeply through each contraction, and rolling my hips around. After 2 hours had passed, things were getting more intense, and after speaking to the midwife (and disguising how quickly I had given birth with my first child), we decided it was time to start heading to the hospital. I woke my son up to inform him he had to go to Nannie’s house (who lived just around the corner). We also had Daniel’s best mate, Joe, staying over that night so I informed him that he needed to drive as I was unsure how Daniel would cope. As we were leaving, I had the urge to go to the toilet thinking I need to do a bowel movement. I was wrong… my water broke! OMG! It is time to go NOW.

We dropped Corey off and started the 45-minute journey to Nambour Hospital from Noosa. By this time contractions were getting stronger, and in my head I was thinking I should go to the Noosa Hospital but, another part of me thought, it was fine, we will make it. After about 15 mins, I told Joe to “step on it, I need to get there asap” he said “I just wanna take it easy in case there are kangaroos”. Next minute we hit the old part of Eumundi- Noosa Rd. I had never realised how bumpy it was until that morning. Now my contractions were one after the other. I was trying not to make too many noises as I was a little embarrassed with Joe in the car, but I think that made it worse and I was grunting instead. Lol!

Well, just 5 minutes later I felt the urge to push. I was thinking to myself ‘No, please no, please wait, not now’ but I couldn’t stop the urge. I pushed and out came bub’s head. I couldn’t believe it, I was in pitch dark in the back of a moving car not able to speak. But  my instincts kicked in and I managed to get my undies down to my knees. Then I gave another push and bub was in my arms. I still could not speak, all I could say in my head was “oh no, oh no”. Then my bub started crying and that’s when Daniel realised what was going on. He hit Joe on the arm, and said “Pull the f@#%ING car over, my kid is in the car!”. I still couldn’t speak. I made sure the cord wasn’t around bub’s neck and finally turned the light on.

Joe pulled over in a safe space, and by this point I am in total awe. The endorphins were definitely flowing, so many emotions were running through my body. Then adrenaline kicked in and I yelled “Ring the ambulance, and get the towels out of the boot”. Poor Daniel was all over the place, so I grabbed the phone and rang the midwives. While Joe rang the ambulance. The midwifes put my nerves at ease and removed my worries, and I was filled with love.

I had just birthed my son, on my own, 4 hours from the first contraction.  Levi was in my arms at 4.13am on the 26th of February the same day as his older brother. What felt like a life time later, the ambulance finally arrived. From there I was taken to the hospital. I was still having contractions due to not passing the placenta but an hour later I arrived at Nambour Hospital, where bub’s cord was cut and I passed my placenta. 12 hours later we were lucky enough to go home.

Levi will be forever reminded of that eventful day, especially since his place of birth on his birth certificate says ‘Eumundi-Noosa Rd, Doonan’. If I am blessed with a third child, I will definitely be having a home birth.

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